Sometimes as you walk around outside, you really notice an area, looking closer everything appears to be in harmony, balanced, it's clean, looks well made, has a 'well rounded' look and has often been there awhile.

This isn't achieved by accident, it's all about the detail - from the concept through the design then finally the construction and subsequent aftercare.

As time permits we will explore and discuss the 'Good Detail'

I've often used these  words to convince a client that its best build well " Quality is remembered long after the price has been paid". It's even more true today with tight budgets and time pressures to get things done.


An example of hardscape good detail is this stone mosaic. - notice how the grouting isn't colouring any of the stones and yet the stones are all in position, ths was a well constructed project


Mosaic 1


 The next page is a most unusual flower arrangement...


Here is an unusual 'Good Detail' this homemade dried flower castle is simply amazing detail !

Completed by a family in Alkmaar, Holland for an annual competition - stunning !


Dutch flower comp 1

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