We've been busy asking a multitude of folks what they would like to hear us talk about, so we thought it would be fun to start a library of all the many  techniques, styles,ideas, creation that we come across. Many are from our own collection of projects which we have designed and built over very many years. If you like one or are looking at starting your own project we would be happy to be considered.

In addition we will be searching out homeowners all over the world to talk to them about their own gardens & landscapes. We have found that so many wonderful folks are really passionate about their garden landscape, finding time to make them beautiful even with a very busy schedule, they all love their garden landscape. drop by and listen, you never know you may be one of them or if not, you may catch the bug too !

Thanks to the internet this is all possible by remote, so if you read this and have an interesting story about your garden or know someone who might also enjoy being interviewed about their garden do drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be in contact.

Landscape Gardens

We have so many project examples, from so many years of creating beautiful landscapes , Landscape Gardens are basically a collection of projects completed over a number of years for clients. I have always believed that designers of gardens should revisit them every 7 years or so to see how they have developed.

There are around 30 pages of pictures and shortened comments on each here, a more detailed information on each of these projects is being developed on another website, we will link each page here with it as we develop the complete information on each project adding new projects as we interview folks, and  talk about topics on the show.

Enjoy - do like us on facebook to help us Grow - Thank you all Ann & Chris.


This next project has a couple of pergola's linked by trellis sections, this enabled us to design the patio as an octagon, rather than as a circle, by allowing a small border infront of the trellis the patio becomes par tof the larger perennial border behind the trellis, whilst still be a room with in a room.


A large amount of natural stone was used in this very large executive residence, using stone creates a strong, solid feel to this multi terraced garden.

chel seif173

The huge coping stones hide the secondary brickwork that enabled the natural stone to be used in this way.

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