Food tourism


The fastest growth in tourism is the culinary sector. Farmers markets, taste tours, agri-entertainment, glamping, restaurants, farm shops, wineries, and boutique food retailers … food tourism has become an important part of holiday and business travel as well as a purpose in itself.

Growth in food tourism is occurring in most developed countries with tourists seeking taste experiences throughout the world. This book provides practical direction for food tourism operators and farm retailers to develop their businesses and cater to tourists needs. It also includes a section on the future of this fast moving trend.

Featuring contributions from David Wearing, Griffith University, Australia and Stephen Smith, University of Waterloo, Canada, this is a vital new study in a vibrant and growing field that should be required reading for tourist boards, owners and managers of retail farm operations, farm association members and anyone with an interest in driving increased visitor numbers to a region through food tourism.

Authors, John and Linda Stanley are always at the forefront of change in the horticultural and agricultural industry around the world. Considered by many to be the world’s leading horticultural consultants due to the sizeable economic returns they help clients achieve, John has often been described as “The Retail Guru”.

The book is published by CABI and is available from the publisher, and through Amazon.