Bricks have been around for very many years, they are made in a variety of ways. Today we really have available three main types, common fletton, stockbrick and engineering bricks. We use bricks mainly  for structural walls and paving.

Each has it's use, and performs slightly differently to each of the others.

Most landscaping work would be best performed using stock bricks and engineering bricks as these are both stronger and more resistant to staining and damage, although again that depends a little on their use.

To confuse the uninitiated there is also the concrete block used for paving, brick sized they are made from concrete so technically not really a brick, they are usually just used for driveways etc.,

Let's explore how we use them.

This beautiful terrace, has been constructed with two types of stock brick, and a concrete block backing. The reason was to enable the client to have additional seating for parties without it looking unduly cluttered with tables and chairs. The raised seating area actually houses an early exclusive version of the home 'brasserade'  a wonderful adaption of the BBQ !

Stock brick walls


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