Roof gardens have been around for years, my first hand experience of a roof garden was as a studen in the 1970's visiting ' Derry & Toms' a very 'trendy store' in Knightsbridge, London.

We've designed and built quite a few since then, some have even received awards.

Designing and building a roof garden requires quite a lot more knowledge and always involves a structural engineer to check that 'maths' - basically to make sure that the roof is capable of carrying the extra loads.

Another often forgotton detail is the simple or is it task of getting the equipment and materials onto the actual roof... some years ago I remember a feat of brute strength and ingenuity of managing to get a mini excavator onto a roof of a famous building in central london. The supplier was so impressed he sent a photographer to capture the moment of four stropping lads, hanging onto the bucket and four more pulling down on a heavy line as the said excavator was gingerly driven up a flight of stairs inside the building.

So let's explore some roof gardens, these are traditionally landscaped examples, although today ther eis a growing need and call for food producing roofs in inner cities particularly.

The biggest secret is to use a modular construction. This award winning green Design & Build project was completed many years ago, in central London.

Modular Roof Garden


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