Ann & I, would like to introduce you to ‘Growing Trends’ our rather different internet radio show. Growing Trends is a new style of garden radio show.

Professional horticulturists, talking to industry professionals one week, then talented homeowners the next, all in their own environment.

We provide a unique insight into how much enjoyment everyone truly gains from being connected with nature.

It’s fun, friendly, easy listening, all about fascinating people, who really are passionate about their gardens or are experts in their field.

Listen to one of our latest shows, you can find us at  or take a peak look at our introduction video just click on youtube





We try and interview everyone ‘On their turf’, be it in a beautiful garden, at a farmers market, in a growers field, or a school garden, in an exhibition garden, or museum or an estate.

We talk to experts, about sustainability, techniques or just about a new book they have written.

This isn’t always possible when the interview is conducted from 4000 miles away, but we try to convey the atmosphere that surrounds the interview, so where ever possible it is outside – in the field.

Our very varied interviews  cover, new ideas, trends, passions, products, plants, styles, methods, results, together with amusing anecdotes & experiences from a lifetime of professional landscape gardening from around the world.



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You can hear a selection of interviews at  Interviews

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We are on iTunes as Growing Trends

We have an additional PodCast site at which is linked to all the usual podcast download sites..we have over 2000 regular listeners a month.


From a Roof Top Garden 


or perhaps a Farmers Market

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or maybe a homeowner with a passion for gardens.


or perhaps a fascinating book.

sustainable food for the globe


Sponsor benefits are :

Much cheaper than traditional advertising

Can be picked up and listened anywhere there is internet

You can email links to customers

Programs can be downloaded and played back anytime

Production costs are much lower.

Listeners often listen to a show more than once – the record appears to be 28 times !

Our audience is ‘Growing’ now in over 50 countries..
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 Sponsorship comes in many forms, designed to suite everyone’s pocket, booking a regular slot now will bring the most value for money.                             

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