Growing Trends - is all about the People and their lovely Gardens & Landscapes,  we talk about Edibles & Ornamentals, Sculptures & Features from around the world...


"The commitment & sheer hard work required to achieve career success nowadays takes a heavy toll on our lifestyles.All of us need to counterbalance a busy working schedule with the right level of relaxation. For centuries gardens have been places of retreat and contemplation where our minds, detached from everyday problems, can resolve conflicts and plan confidently for the future. A rare moment of peace in the perfect haven of a garden brings us renewed harmony with nature" 


Along with our sponsors we can help you develop ideas for your own special Garden Landscape, we have a developing "Here's how it's done section " which talks about the planning, designing and finally implementation. To help with this we've added "It's all about the detail" a section that looks at detail. To achieve a professional looking finnish it is always about the detail, often simple techniques well executed create a lasting visual impact that looks much more natural and easy on the eye, take a look and see if you agree. We will add a few new technigues and examples each week.

Our 'Main interview topics' covers the whole spectrum of Gardens & Landscapes, with a little information & pictures, we will use these as a basis for our interviews, showing you just how varied and interesting the profession really is.

Ann and I really have enjoyed our small contribution to making our environment just a little more attractive, bringing joy and delight to our clients and spreading just a little happiness and relaxation, come and join us as we interview wide diversity of fascinating people in places that are truly magical.

If you already have a completed project and would like us to interview you in your garden drop us a line  with a picture or two, you can be anywhere, if you are close enough for us to visit we will, if not we can arrange for an interview across the airwaves, just drop us a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Growing Trends is a new kind of interactive internet radio show, our sponsor has a unique downloadable app PicaGardi & a website at that let's you see how some of the products we are talking about look in your very own projects at home before you buy them !  

Thanks to the folks at PicaGardi  you are able to download the app FREE from either iTunes or Google play stores it works on either a phone or a tablet. If you want more information from the supplier just follow the link on the PicaGardi web page. 


You can read more on our blog site  PicaGardi Growing Trends  

We sincerely hope you enjoy our somewhat different approach and really would welcome suggestions, comments and requests.

If you would like to be considered for the show please send us an email addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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